IT Staffing

Proximous had developed a reputation for providing quality consultants at the Competitive Cost with excellent customer service to our Clients. Proximous team consists of highly skilled Staffing Professionals who are well equipped with not only soft skills but also very knowledgeable in technical requirements for Client’s requirement. We at Proximous Follow a Strict Process to ensure we provide the best Consultants to our Clients. Our well-defined Staffing process does heavy lifting in Candidate Selection process upfront making sure Client spends least amount of time in hiring right candidates for their Project Needs. We believe the Key in the right Staffing is Understanding the requirement right. We work very closely with the Hiring Manager to understand their specific project needs, skills needs and personality needs. We believe in Continuous Improvement and working closely with Client helps us to achieve that.

Expert Permanent Staffing

With an access to a large workforce across the globe, Proximous provides the best staffs for your organization. We have an ability to search, qualify and recruit talents in real time. Our global pool of candidate crosses almost half a million and they are experts across various industries. Proximous is successfully meeting the permanent staffing needs of our clients every time.

Powered by the vibrant permanent placement recruiters, our experience in recruiting get through proprietary recruitment strategies along with the built-in excellence measures and the on-boarding processes to select, evaluate, and qualify the right professionals for our client’s requisite positions in their organizations at various levels.  We make use of a consultative approach towards understanding every specific need of our client and present the candidates only with the most advanced technical and human skill sets in the marketplace, and also ensure that they match the needs of our clients.

With a really high rate of client satisfaction, Proximous is a trusted partner to our customers, employing highly-skilled personnel for their business.  We are proud to select the manpower for your growth and we will continue to do it always.

Contingent Staffing

Trying to find a perfect staffing solution for your organization with the contingent staffing service? We will help you get it done. As the use of the contingent talent increases, the complexity of managing the workforce program also does increase. Looking out for reduction in hiring cost or increasing the workforce? Whatever the need be, Proximous’ team always has the methods and solution ready for our clients.

Implementation of contingent workforce will definitely increase your overall performance bottom line while reducing the cost of hiring and pay per head. The contingent staffing services will help most companies to adjust their nature of economy cycle. Proximous’ ability of understanding how the industry trends are affecting the process of hiring will help us to create a right solution that will accommodate your changes in the need of workforce.

Proximous will design a program to fit every company’s specific needs on staffing. Our approach towards building a solution for your needs is to understand your organization better and identify the various ways in which Proximous can be supportive. Proximous’ staffing team is well trained and has the best knowledge in the industries we recruit. We accurately judge your needs and we provide the best solution to make sure that each employee we recruit will fit your needs perfectly.

We Provide Staff Augmentation Services in areas such as

  • Data Analytics; Architects, Leads, Developers, QA analysts
  • Database Development: SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase, Teradata, MySQL etc.
  • Project and Program Management: Agile CSM, PMP Certified
  • Business Analyst
  • Software/Application Development: .NET, C#, Java, C++, PHP, Python, Adobe Flex, Full Stack, Angular JS, Node JS  etc.
  • Technical Writing