Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence & Data Visualization if well executed can show even the large voluminous and intricate data sets in a very simple way that can be understood by everyone at a simple glance. That is highly useful in an organization where the decision makers may not have enough time or patience to go through large datasets.

But for an organization that ever wrestles with large data, there is a need of consideration of even simple aspects that includes tools what have been used for data visualization. Proximous will take care of your data for you assuring to consider every single factor while formulating and implementing data analysis and visualization as a part of your BI initiatives. The factors include data volume, data complexity and also the growth of user’s ability to interact with the data instead of just browsing them.

Our BI Implementation Services Encompass:

  • BI Platforms and package implementation
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Balanced scorecards
  • Dashboards and KPIs

On Premise BI:

Our team of experts have tremendous experience providing end-to-end BI Solutions using the on-premise BI tools. These Business intelligence tools are architected based on OLAP, MOLAP or ROLAP architecture. The tools are designed to retrieve, analyze, transform and report data to provide business Insights. The tool generally ready data from RDBMS-based Data Warehouse or Data Mart. Proximous team provides helps with the end-to-end implementation of the on-premise BI tools.

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Cloud-based BI:

“Need for Speed” is the key. Business today needs insights and intelligence about their data real time. Advancements in the technology and innovation have enabled consumers and business to generate tons of data. There is a dire need to utilize this data and produce the Insights that business would utilize for make strategic decisions. Cloud Based BI solutions are evolving to meet this need for Business. They provide agile, lightweight, scalable solutions for Enterprises. Cloud-based BI takes away all the hassle to manage Infrastructure and related complexities away from Businesses. Proximous team could help implement the end-to-end Cloud-based BI Solutions and help it customize to our Client’s unique needs.

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Open Source BI:

By definition, open source software means that users can access and modify the source code directly. While sometimes its becomes too expensive and time-consuming process to buy and set up the Proprietary software, Open Source BI tools Provide advantage in terms of Getting started with the tool. The lower Cost, ease to customize, Short time to set up and get going makes an ideal BI solutions for some of the businesses. Proximous team provides helps with the end-to-end implementation of the open source BI tools.

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