Big Data

Proximous’ Big Data services are useful for all areas of solution delivery. Every big data program faces a tough part at figuring the point to start with. This is the most important phase for every successful big data program. Proximous’ use-case driven approach will guide you from broad problem statements and fuzzy requirements to the executable plans that deliver the next generation big data-driven services and solutions. Our strategic solution for your business includes phases like leveraging big data, understanding the organization’s readiness, and then comes the strategy designing and execution. We don’t just deliver solutions to our clients; we in a larger picture help them ascertain quality, commitment and the best means for utilizing our services.

Our Key Features Big Data Strategy

  • Creating a common understanding and a business definition
  • Identifying and prioritizing the key use cases
  • Strategies and near-term objectives
hadoop-pic1Big Data

Assessment of Big Data Readiness

  • Resources and People
  • Data capturing, processing, storage, and sharing
  • Hardware, software, and Infrastructure
  • Business Insights
  • Analytics that can be delivered

Pilot Plans for the Select Use Cases

  • Architectures recommended
  • Business benefits
  • Planning and execution

Data Management and Migration

Partner with Proximous’ Data Management and Migration (DMM) team to fasten your search for data, exploration, and the business analysis with the high-performance data management and migrating solutions and get the best value from your data.

With a strong and well engineered Data Management and Migration Platform (DMMP), you can quickly confine, pile up, study, and manage your data in a highly secure and scalable warehouse. Thus, you can deliver a fully integrated and trustworthy data to every corner of your organization.

Our Key features
  • We deliver trustworthy, highly secured and a highly scalable data warehouse to store all your data
  • We streamline the IT with pre-delivered extractors business-oriented modeling and the business contents
  • We boost effectiveness in your business with the high-performance analysis foundation
  • We gain a real-time insight to the large volume of data in order to ensure the timely and precise decisions

Product & Customer Usage Analytics

Engineering and the product management groups always have tons of information about how their products are currently being used by which class and category of their customers and in which locality. But they lack a straightforward way to uncover the features and enhancements that can make their products more profitable and engaging. Proximous’ team can help you to understand the usage of products and integrate this information to other enterprise data sets like product entitlement, sales, training and customer support. We ensure the delivery of best reports on your product usage by your customers. We understand the best of your users and will reflect their ideas about your products based on various demographics.

The detailed and organized usage analysis report by Proximous’ Big Data Team will help you streamline, manage, and develop a healthy business in future.

Key Benefits

  • We provide Insight to the product managers
  • Insight to customer support and engineering
  • We offer proactive support to customers
  • We optimize the product development life cycle that helps in building a better product
  • We create new business models
  • We provide better experience for your customers

Predictive Analysis

Partner with Proximous to transform your future of business with a better business insight using the proven predictive analysis tools and the deployment methods. Our expert Analytics Team can help you in tapping the undiscovered opportunities and expose you to the hidden risks buried inside the vast amount of Big Data with the predictive analytic report that we generate through systems like SAP Predictive Analysis with some artificial intelligence and human judgmental skills.

We empower your decision makers to predict the future in a better way, anticipate the changes, and drive the strategic decision making with the predictive analysis. We automate the predictive modeling process for gaining exceptional insight about the customers with the best predictive analysis tools. We take advantage of the best analysis tools capacitated to hold trillion gigabits of data to analyze them and predict the best profitable business to our clients.