Data Integration

Data Integration involves combining the data from a variety of sources, transforming it and storing it in a unified way in the Data Store like Data Warehouse, Data Mart or Big Data Systems. This Data is then further used by BI systems to provide valuable insights to the end user. Data Integration is very critical and significant process as it assimilates all the data and making it sensible to be consumed by downstream systems. With Increasing variety and Volume of the data, data integration technologies have continuous challenge to evolve itself to address these needs.

A Data Integration solution provides trusted data to users from disparate sources. Delivering ideal data integration solutions requires keen acumen in business processes, understanding of the data and expertise in the technology that processes data. Proximous’ well trained experienced consultants would take care of all your data integration needs. Our team specializes in various Data integration processes including ETL, ELT, Data Profiling and Data Cleansing.

Our Data Integration Services Encompass:

On Premise DI:

Proximous team has tremendous experience implementing and working on the on-premise DI tools. Over years, we have developed expertise in using the DI tools in the most optimum way. We understand the internal know-how of the tool and could build fast performing, scalable and simple data flows using these tools. With a deep understanding of the data, business requirement, and technology, our team could customize and configure the DI tools to source the right amount of data, cleanse it, transform it and load to target systems while keeping in consideration the best practices for the fastest performance.

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Cloud-based DI:

Cloud-based DI tools take away the upfront hassle of setting up the Infrastructure and all the time spend to evaluate, RFP, purchase process and Installation. With advancement in technologies, the cloud solutions are catching up and providing almost similar robust features as the on-premise application. Their faster set up, easy deployment, scalability, lower upfront cost, less spend in upgrades and patches; makes them tool of choice for all kind of businesses. Proximous’ team could help implement the end-to-end Cloud-based DI Solutions and help it customize to our Client’s unique needs.

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Open Source DI:

By definition, open source software means that users can access and modify the source code directly. While sometimes its becomes too expensive and time-consuming process to buy and set up the Proprietary software, Open Source DI tools Provide advantage in terms of Getting started with the tool. The lower Cost, ease to customize, Short time to set up and get going makes an ideal BI solutions for some of the businesses. Proximous team provides helps with the end-to-end implementation of the open source DI tools.

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